Occasion Makeup

Special Occasion Makeup Prices

Wedding guest – £45
Prom – £45
Event – £45
Night out – £45

Special Occasion Hair Prices

Wedding Guest Styling – £50
Prom – £45
Event – £45
Night out – £45
Men Styling – £45

Celebrate Summer 2014

Going on a date?
Basic look to enhance your beauty and not scare of your potential husband with too much makeup. First impressions are everything.

Going to Prom?
You don’t want to look exactly like you do every other day of the week… you need to look the prettiest version of yourself? Best way to do it is to hire a professional.

Going on a night out?
There are nights when your same-old taupe eyeshadow and straightened hair just won’t cut it. Our top makeup artists will apply their favorite after-dark makeup skills on you and turn you into a glitzy goddess.

Hair and makeup package £75*

*Only available on home appointments for groups over 5 people. Travel charge may apply.

(travel charge £25 per artist/stylist may apply)

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